A Scoop of Mulch

Last time I ordered mulch it was by the load at Cordell Earthworks of Durham, which is about a small dump truck load and was about right for our needs. This time I ordered from a different place, Southern States of Carrboro, and they measure mulch in scoops, which I figured was about the same as a load. It turns out that a scoop is a lot less than a load. I spread out the scoop in a couple of days and ordered four more scoops, learning that one scoop is equal to one cubic yard. Below are the photos of each delivery for future reference. The Southern States mulch was woodier (less composted) than the Cordell mulch, but surely more expensive (I don’t remember the prices).

One Scoop Four Scoops
One scoop of hardwood mulch One scoop of hardwood mulch