Uwharrie Hike

Large MushroomI went on my first backpacking trip this week-end. It was a one-night trip with Scott in the Uwharrie National Forest which is a little-known park in central North Carolina. We combined two trails to make about a 10-mile loop, camping somewhere in the middle. The book, Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide had good coverage of the trails, except for the campsite locations. The book showed 3 or 4 campsites on the trail we hiked, but there were probably twice that many decent sites.

The weather was great, with the Friday’s 90° heat mitigated by the forest canopy and no rain. Unfortunately, the Uwharrie/Dutchman’s Creek trails don’t offer much scenery. The forest is actively logged, so it’s fairly young with no big trees and instead lots of underbrush. The pictured mushroom is about the only interesting site we ran across; it must have been 6-8 inches tall.

All my equipment did OK except for my new backpack, which seems to be too short for my tall torso. It’s an ultralight Granite Gear Vapor Trail. Anyone want to buy a slightly used backpack? The other stuff (boots, sleeping mat, freeze-dried food, hydration pack, wool socks) all worked fine.

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