In Search Of Meeting Invitation Webapp

I’m looking for a web-app that a frisbee group can use for scheduling games. Games occur often (one or more times a week, depending on the group) and have the same audience. There should be a way for someone to announce a game time and location that will be emailed to all members, and a way for each member to sign-in or out and leave a comment (like “will be late” or “bringing a guest”). And, of course, members should be able to check the status and see the sign-in status. E-mail access would be a bonus. The app needs to be responsive since game conditions can change on short notice.

Evite comes pretty close, but seems too heavyweight with the ads and self-promotions. Yahoo Groups does better at the group part but not as well at the event part. Plus it seems to have a big lag in message forwarding. Eventful looks promising, though it is in beta only and will surely get loaded up with ads like the others eventually.

The status quo is a simple unix app requiring an X-windows remote login to use :(. I’ve taken a webapp that the chess group was using and rebranded it for ultimate. It works OK, but it lacks any notification features.

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  1. Interesting. You are not alone.

    I saw this on the Jot developer blog:
    Anyone know a good web-services-enabled RSVP service?

    Right now these announcements are going to three different calendar services and three different JotSpot’s 3 blogs (,, and A central place to collect, manage, and view RSVPs from anywhere on the web would be way better than having comments and attendance indicators spread out over 6 sites.

    Not exactly what you are talking about, but along the same lines. Anyway, I think I may know of a good solution for you soon.

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