Can’t Unsubscribe

Is there a new trend for mailing lists to stop supporting unsubscribing?

I don’t like that Seapine added me to their mailing list, but it’s most annoying that I can’t unsubscribe from it. There appears to be an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message, but it doesn’t link to anything:

<A href=””>Unsubscribe</A> if you do not want to receive email communications from Seapine.

I’m also getting weekly updates on sports news on South Carolina Gamecocks, and those message contain no mention of unsubscribing. For Seapine, at least I did get a eval product at some point, but I can’t figure out how I got on the Gamecocks list. Maybe it was a practical joke by someone who knows I’m a Clemson graduate (archrival of South Carolina).

I’ve been trying to Bounce these messages, but they haven’t gotten the hint, yet.