Chapel Hill 2007 Town Council Election Graphs

Here is a summary graph of the 2007 Chapel Hill Town Council elections [source data]. Each horizontal bar is a precinct, and the heights are proportional to the number of votes cast in each precinct. Each color is a different candidate, and the sub-bars widths are proportional to the percent of votes that each candidate got in the corresponding precinct. Precincts that had too few votes to show up well have been omitted (Country Club, Hillsborough, Mail-in, and Provisional)

Chapel Hill 2007 Town Council Graph

With so much information it’s hard to pick out too many details. However, it’s easy to see how Ward and Raymond did in each precinct since they’re on the edges and have a stable baseline.

The order of the candidates is by overall finish position, and the order of the precinct is by percent of total Czajkowski/Hill votes that went to Czajkowski. That makes it a little easier to see how those two candidates matched up in the battle for the fourth seat.

Czajkowski got the final spot on the council in a close race, though there is quite a bit of variation among precincts. Not sure if the variation is due to political make-up of the precincts or to targeted campaigning.

I notice my precinct, Estes Hills, was one of the best for my friend Will Raymond. Maybe my yard signs helped!

Update:Here’s another view, highlighting the broad range of results for Czajkowski. Each circle is a precinct.

Chapel Hill 2007 Town Council Oneway Graph

And a similar one, this time with circle size being proportional to total precinct votes and color being set based on the Czajkowski/Hill ratio. Red precincts went for Czajkowski and blue for Hill. You can see some correlation among the incumbents and among the challengers.

Chapel Hill 2007 Town Council Bubble Plot

3 thoughts on “Chapel Hill 2007 Town Council Election Graphs

  1. Thank you Xan for your support, your friendship and some very cool analysis.

    I apologize for my lousy showing. I knew it was going to be tough this year – and I faced some unanticipated challenges – a concerted incumbent bloc with deep pockets, the Indy’s “red herring” and some truly vicious campaign tactics – but I still could’ve done a much better job on the retail politicking-side.

    In an attempt to help the next poor fool willing to run, I’ll be whinging on about my many mistakes in a future CitizenWill piece.

    I’ll be by to pickup my signs this weekend, thanks again for doubling my vote in Estes Hills 😉

    Take care, Will

  2. Ruby, use the graphs in whatever way you like.

    Will, someone picked up one of my signs before I could get to it Wednesday morning. I thought it was you, but maybe it was a fan instead.

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