Science Blogging Conference 2008

2008 Science Blogging Conference LogoThe 2008 NC Science Blogging Conference went well despite the unusually wintry weather scaring off a few attendees with long drives. The first session I attended on Open Science set the unconference tone for the day with the speaker serving more as a moderator for an audience discussion. Publishing was hot topic including debates on the merits of online publishing, peer review and embargoes.

I co-hosted a session titled Public Science Data with Jean-Claude Bradley who runs an open science chemistry lab at Drexel. In the spirit of openness I created my slides in HTML with Slidy and put them on-line (Public Science Data slides). It’s a good thing I did since I forgot to take the VGA adapter for my MacBook and had to use Jean-Claude’s machine, though there were plenty of MacBooks in the crowd for me to borrow an adapter from if necessary. I found out later that the title of out session had misled a few folks — they thought the word “public” meant it would be about government data. We should have called it something like Open Science Data.

Anyone interested in the topic of open science data should check the wiki page for the session. I started an outline there, and some anonymous angels filled in lots of nice content and links.

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