Carmine’s of Chapel Hill

It looks like my (mild) promotion of the term gluten freendly hasn’t caught on, but I have discovered another gluten freendly local restaurant. Carmine’s of Chapel Hill is a new Italian restaurant in the space that used to be Sal’s Pizza. I haven’t eaten in an Italian place since my Celiac diagnosis, but Carmine’s carries gluten-free pasta and even a gluten-free beer.

Both times I’ve been there, the chef-owner came out to assure me the gluten-free noodles would be cooked in fresh water and that my entire entree was gluten-free. I had the Veal Marsala, which was delicious, with a wine sauce made with real cream (no flour thickener!).

One thought on “Carmine’s of Chapel Hill

  1. I am very happy to see that the word it getting out. I want to stress how important it is to us that you ask the wait staff to come and get John or Darius both owners. Darius is the chef to make sure that there is never any issues. As much as I have trained my staff and explained to them the issues I would feel better knowing that we were always giving the extra attention that was needed to ensure the meal is always right. It will take more time but is worth the wait.

    1800 East Franklin St chapel hill

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