March 1995: Method Dispatcher
Code to serve as a method dispatcher for a language like C++. You are given a classID and a method ID and must extract the correct method address from the v-tables. You are allowed to have a 16K cache. Fourth Place.

April 1995: Stock Market Database
Code to quickly recall price and quantity information from a large disk-based database of stock purchase records. My solution uses a simple hashing scheme based on the stock symbol to find the companies latest record and then steps back from there using relative links. Disk blocks are cache in the remaining available memory. First Place.

June 1995: Check Checkmate
Code to list all legal chess moves from a given board position and indicate if check is generated by the move. My first crack at programming chess moves was not bad, but over 3x slower than the winning solution. Third Place.

July 1995: Sprite Blitz
Code to move up to 200 icons around on the screen according to move input. I was one of the few entries that did my own pixel copying instead of using CopyBits or CopyMask. First Place.

September 1995: Reversible Scrambling Algorithm
68K assembler was allowed for this challenge, which was to basically implement the RSA encryption algorithm. That is, taking a really big number to the power of another really big number modulo another really big number. My solution was actually a mix a C and assembler. Second Place.

October 1995: Master Mindreader
Code to play the guesser's role in a game of MasterMind with up to 15 colors and slots. Luck was with me on this one as I barely beat out the next few entries. First Place.