Automobile Maker Market Share Chart

A week or so ago, Junk Charts featured a discussion (Rip Tide) of a New York Times chart of how auto-maker market share distribution in the US is becoming more like it is in Europe. The original chart showed lots of information in a pleasant way, but as usual folks want to do better — either to look better or to make the point better.

I scraped the data (csv) from the chart (thanks GraphClick), and provided a rough alternative to the graph.

auto market share distributions

My graph aims to show only enough information to support the text of the original chart. I chart ordered market share histograms for three different years so one can get a sense of how the US and European market share distributions are changing. I’m not sure how well the data supports the thesis though — it looks like both distributions are becoming more like the other rather that just US becoming more like Europe.

I just found out today that Junk Charts actually made use of the data I posted and provided yet another alternate view (Calming the Rip Tide). Interesting, but I don’t think the boxplots work since they don’t show a trend.