Chapel Hill Slogan

There’s been more talk lately about a new slogan for Chapel Hill. I don’t have a problem with the old slogan, “the southern part of heaven,” but apparently it doesn’t travel well.

I contributed an idea to the N&O’s Orange Chat blog posting on the subject. My idea is to emphasize of the youthfulness of the town which is constantly replenished by the university, and my suggestion is “Forever Young.” The youth theme also ties in with the strong K-12 schools and even the active retirees. “Forever Young” may be too blatant, but I think something youthful would be good.

The topic has also been discussed on OrangePolitics a while back, and a lot of folks seem to be under the false impression that a slogan should be accurate and descriptive. No, a truthful slogan doesn’t add anything. You don’t need to tell people what they already know.

However, for those who really want an accurate slogan, here are a few ideas:

  • Worth the Price
  • Home of the Homeless
  • Park Your Car in Durham
  • University Sidekick