Will Raymond in 2007

Line to pay for parking at Lot 5, Chapel Hill, NCGood luck to Will Raymond in his run for Chapel Hill Town Council. At least, he should be able to prevent parking issues from being shelved in favor of open-ended commitments to developers.

The photo shows the line to pay for parking at Lot 5 last time I was downtown. Only one of the two paystations was accepting money (unchanged from last month), and none were giving receipts, which probably accounted for the slow-moving line.

One thought on “Will Raymond in 2007

  1. Thanks Xan.

    It’s amazing how even the simplest of measures never seem to make it out the door.

    These paystations are capable of flashing “DON’T PAY” when you don’t need to pay – still undone. Sunday parking is free – but even putting some duct tape over the sign doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Additional “operating hours” signs I and the Parking Task force asked the Town to put up on Lot #3/#5 still undone.

    And, of course, we have the strange rewriting of the task forces recommendations – pushing the simple, no-cost, practical out of the way while making it sound like the consensus opinion was to charge MORE for parking – which was definitely not the case.

    It’s going to be a tough race – four incumbents with plenty of money and the support of the current entrenched establishment. That said, I think folks will look at the 4 to 8 years of service and wonder why the basics – fiscal sanity and accountability, the Rogers Road mess, inability to work with the BOCC to site the homeless shelter, etc. – linger while these Council members continue to be obsessed by the Lot #5 disaster (a stinking deal our Town should’ve dropped 6 months ago).

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