New Kitchen Backsplash

Three years after getting new countertops, we finally got around to replacing the vinyl backsplash with tile. Though we hired someone to install the tile, we still had to do a lot of prep and clean-up work ourselves.

The first problem was that earlier electrical work had left a channel cut out of the drywall and stray wire for the under-cabinet lights.

Backsplash Part 1

I placed nail stoppers where the wiring crossed the studs and rerouted the wires to exit the wall underneath the cabinets where it would be hidden by the lights. I repaired the drywall with nylon mesh over some thin metal sheeting sold for roof flashing. The rest of the existing backsplash had to be removed, too, because it wasn’t flat everywhere. Removing it caused more damage to the drywall, which I smoothed with drywall mud.

Backsplash Part 2

Finally we were ready for the installers, who did a good enough job, but had to come back to fill in some gaps in the grout.

Backsplash Part 3

Here’s the final product after reinstalling the under-cabinet lights.

Backsplash Part 4

One thought on “New Kitchen Backsplash

  1. Hey Xan, the backsplash looks great. Sounds like you and Bonnie move along at the same pace as Rick and I when it comes to home improvement projects.
    Have a good holiday season and say hi to Bonnie.

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