Willow 1996 – 2008

Last week, Willow ended a brave struggle with bone cancer. She stayed active until the end, never failing to remind me when it was time to hit the trails for a walk or a swim any day I was home past 10 a.m. She is missed.

4 thoughts on “Willow 1996 – 2008

  1. Sorry to hear about Willow. We lost Doggity last year after 9 months of treatments. It took me awhile before I stopped expecting her to run to the truck when I got home.

  2. Willow was a beautiful golden and obviously very well loved and cared for!! Our pets leave footprints on our hearts and we carry their memories with us forever. I”m very sorry for your loss. Your tribute is very touching.

  3. The Ashe-Jones family extends their sympathy to you. We thought Willow was pretty awesome and think you captured her essence nicely in the photos above … especially in the one with her on her back.

  4. Hi Xan, I’m so sorry to hear about Willow. She was a wonderful dog. It is so hard to lose a loved pet. I will be thinking of you. And give Bonnie my love too.

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