Minute of Zen: Gravel on Spider’s Thread

I saw this piece of pea gravel magically spinning in the air behind my house [YouTube].

It was about a foot off the ground then. When I returned later after forgetting about it, my head bumped into the gravel piece. A spider on the roof must have been trying to pull in the thread. I bet he was getting tired.

3 thoughts on “Minute of Zen: Gravel on Spider’s Thread

  1. It’s amazing enough that the spider silk is strong enough to suspend a piece of gravel, but what really impresses me is its adhesive strength. It also raises the question: why was that gravel flying through the air?

  2. That’s a very energetic spider. How much heavier is the gravel than the spider? 5x maybe? And the lift was at least 6 feet?

  3. I thought the wind was making it sway, but the pulling spider was probably also having an effect, especially if he was, say, holding on to the roof with 4 legs and pulling in the silk with 4 other legs.

    The gravel is pea gravel, but still had to be much heavier than the spider, though maybe not much heavier than some prey.

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