Tie-dye Sportcoat

I’ve wanted to try tie-dying a sportcoat for a while, occasionally looking for white cotton jackets in thrift shops. Finally I broke down and bought the cheapest new white cotton jacket I could find, a $60 G by GUESS blazer. The low-water immersion technique┬áseemed best since it might be difficult to fold and tie something like a jacket. I thought I would keep it a light colored jacket by using diluted periwinkle for the color, but it still came out with strong color (though it’s not as blue as it looks in the photo).


Apparently the styling is meant for teenagers with long skinny arms. I haven’t figured out any occasion where it might be appropriate to wear it, but I did wear it to work one day with mixed reactions. I’m told if I wear it unbuttoned, it looks less like a woman’s jacket. Maybe I’ll try again with a duller color like brown, gray or dark blue.

I also did a shirt using a variation of the low-water immersion where I packed the shirt into a tight container and sprinkled dye powder over it and then added water. I put the purple dye around the edge and the yellow dye in the middle. I think it came out very good.


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