Vaccine tie-dye shirts

Now that I’ve created a new Raw Data Studies blog for my data science content, I guess I should restart my personal posts on this blog. Here are three tie-dye shirts I made recently in advance of my second covid-19 vaccine shot. Not having made a classic V or “yoke” pattern before, I experimented with the angle of the V. I think deeper is better.

The leftmost shirt in the photo above has the deepest V. I didn’t expect it to come out so well, which is why I used the scrap conference shirt and leftover dyes from the other shirts.

The middle shirt is the one I wore for the vaccine shot. I was trying for orange between the red and yellow stripes but the dyes didn’t mix as I hoped. I was trying to save bottles and mix them on the shirt itself instead of in a separate bottle.

The rightmost shirt got good dye coverage, but the angle is a bit shallow to look like a V.

I continued the striping throughout each shirt, only learning later that the traditional yoke design just has a few stripes for the V with the rest of the shirt blank. Maybe next time, I’ll try that.

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