Morganton Bridge Sectional

Mom and I played three sessions at the ACBL bridge sectional tournament in Morganton this week-end. (Actually Mom played two additional sessions with a partner from the partnership desk.) Each session is about 24 hands of duplicate bridge in 3-4 hours and is much more tiring than one would think. At the Raleigh sectional my legs were getting cramped from sitting that long in such a tense state. Fortunately for my legs, we were playing East-West, which meant we had to move tables after every few hands.

2005 Bridge Sectional at Morganton, NC,
That’s Mom in the magenta at the front table.

Our results weren’t too bad. I think our percentage results were 45%, 51%, and 56%, with 50% being average (and the vast majority of scores are between 40% and 60%). We earned a total of about 1.5 masterpoints, which is the ACBL cumulative rating system. I have about 25 points toward the 300 needed to get the coveted “Life Master” ranking. I’m currently tied for first in my unit’s Mini-McKenney Junior Master of the Year count, mainly on the strength of one good day at the Wilmingtion regional earlier this year, which was our first time playing duplicate together.

The Morganton sectional is the most popular in the region, and I can see why. The organizers were friendly and on the ball, and there was plenty of food all the time. Ham biscuits and bagels for breakfast, hotdogs and salads for lunch, and home-made desserts for snacks. I was also pleased to see fruit juice in addition to the usual array of sodas.

I’m encouraged by our results because we lost a lot of points from correctable mistakes, mostly on my side. So we have room to improve without changing our systems.

Spring League Ultimate Tournament

I’m still recovering from the first Hillsborough Spring League Tournament last week-end. I played on Yellow, which finished the regular season in a three-way tie for third place out of six teams and was a fun team with great captains. We made a strong showing in the tournament and were tied for first after the round robin play. That put us in the semifinals, where we lost to Red in a wind-dominated game. Red was also the only team we lost to in the round robin play.

I got scraped up on an unsuccessful layout on Saturday. The scabs are starting to heal, but my elbow and knee are still sore from the impact. My feet survived OK though. I often have problems with blisters when playing multiple games as normal measures like athletic tape and second skin tend to come loose after a couple of hours. This time I used a friction-reducing product called Body Glide that goes on like stick deoderant and work well (with one midday reapplication).

The tournament consisted of 4 games on Saturday and 1-3 on Sunday depending on how you did. My body can no longer take that much Ultimate in one week-end. My legs went dead after about 4 hours of play on Saturday and lasted less than half that long on Sunday.


I’m Xan Gregg, and this blog will help me keep track of my outside-of-work activities. At work, I’ve had a blog for two years to log activities relating to my job writing desktop scientific software (Mac/Windows/Linux) in C++.

Activities that might find their way into this blog:

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